शुक्रवार, 6 नवंबर 2009

Chhattisgarhi Rawat Folk Dance Competition: Bilaspur

Dear friends,

Rawat Naach Mahaotsav of Bilaspur is scheduled on the eve of 7th Nov., actually it is the biggest competition of Rawat Folk Dances of Chhattisgarh, where dozens of Gole (teams) of Rawats come to perform their Shourya’ (Strength) one by one, means thousands of folk dancers with colorful Lathis on their hands and in very colorful traditional dress. As per my view it is the Paradise for those photographers who wants to cover pure folk.

History- In Bilaspur area of Chhattisgarh there is tradition of The Yadavs that their teams take round of Shanichari bazaar (Old Market place for Cows) on the second Saturday after Devuthni Ekadashi. In past it was quite unregular and mostly ended with the battles of Goles (teams) every year. Then some intellectuals of yadav society came forward to regularize this tradition and gave it a shape of healthy competition. Now its runs whole night and in the morning, Big Shields and Trophies are there for the winners in various categories.

There are too many things to watch and read about this function and the participants like their Bazaa Party, their dresses, Dohe, Song’s etc. etc.. One thing which attracts me is Pari’ (two is common) in each team. Men dressed in ladies wear and act like female dancer of the team (ladies are not allowed in teams cause Shourya’ is meant for the males only).